Retail Ready Lab

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The Retail Ready Lab is an opportunity for small local vendors to sell their products in our stores for a full month and receive beneficial feedback from customers and staff. Watch for the display in our stores, check out the products, buy them if you're interested, and let the vendors know what you think! Fill out paper feedback forms on the display, or online here. For dates and times of sampling, see our Demos page: If you are a small, local vendor and you are interested in applying, please sends e-mail).

We are taking a break for the holidays in November and December, and will pick back up in January!

Fill out the Retail Ready Lab feedback form here. The results will be shared with vendors. If the feedback we receive is great, and sales are what we’d like to see, we’ll bring the vendor’s products into our stores. If the feedback has some actionable steps the vendor can take and the vendor chooses to take them, we may reevaluate the products after improvements are made.

Thank you for your help in improving the supply of local products!