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Cheese Department Changes

It’s been a season of change for the Co-op and that has extended to our Cheese Departments. The East Cheese Department is now in a prominent location just beyond Produce and the Juice Bar. We took the opportunity of the remodel to make the look and feel of East Cheese more like that of West Cheese and both sites now have their product organized similarly. The addition of a lower, counter-style case at East has placed the Cheese staff literally within reach of you while you’re shopping. Please, don’t hesitate to ask questions or request samples from them. They’re there to be of service and provide insight into the sometimes-overwhelming world of cheese.

Like almost all of the remodeled departments, East Cheese had to say goodbye to some of the cheeses that you’re used to finding there. We dropped items that were selling so slowly that they barely seemed to keep your interest, or which had a very close cousin we felt more strongly in support of. If you have questions about a cheese that’s been let go, please speak with the Cheese staff. We’d love to help you find something else that fits your bill. Feel free to give us feedback through the Customer Comment forms as well.

Also new in the departments is a sign system to help guide you through the cheese selection. In a nutshell, each cheese in our case has a sign. This sign immediately communicates important criteria about the cheese.  In the center is its name and who made it. Around the outside, you’ll notice different colors denoting whether it’s Local, Domestic, or Imported. Down the right side of the signs are little icons that tell you what animal the milk is from, whether it was made with animal or vegetarian rennet, how hot the milk was heated before cheesemaking (raw, heat-treated, or pasteurized), and if the animals were primarily pasture-based. There will be posted Cheese Sign Guides throughout the case to help you read these new signs. We invite your feedback on them, as we will be continuing to refine this system.

We’re here to be of service to you, our Owners, and to the cheesemakers we represent. All of these changes were borne out of that commitment. Please, stop by, try some cheese, and let us know how we can help you!

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