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East’s Hearth Oven Offerings: Pizza & More

Pizza. I love it. My growing waistline certainly tells a tale of a young parent, sometimes overly reliant on the flat-breaded functionality of an Italian-inspired pie to feed the kids, myself, my wife, and then myself again once the kids leave the table...and all the pieces they didn’t eat. Whether or not you share my affliction, you may be interested to know of some changes to our Pizza and Hearth Oven menu at Willy East. It offers a wider selection of pizza pies: three vegan pies, seven vegetarian pies, and a handful of meaty pies for a grand total of 11! Pizzas will be available in cute 8” pies to feed just you and 12” pies to feed you and one or two others (or just you, we won’t judge). All of the pizzas boast organic wheat flour crusts, organic tomatoes, rBGH-free Wisconsin cheeses, and cameos from excellent local producers like Underground Meats, Hawkwind Mustards, and Quince and Apple. You can also request an 8” Udi’s Gluten-Free crust, although the surface and oven it is prepared on and in are not gluten-free! Additionally, during peak lunch and dinner hours, you can come into the Deli and choose from par-baked 8” pies that can be in your hand (but not your mouth, let it cool a second) in 3-4 minutes. The Deli team bakes these off fresh throughout the day. If you don’t feel like waiting at all, take a couple par-baked pies home and heat them there.

Other hearth oven offerings
In addition to these new pizzas we will also be offering garlic, cheese, and cinnamon sticks, pasta bakes, and numerous hot sandwiches. It is worth noting that this menu is largely a creation of the East Deli staff, and a bit of a labor of love as a result. We are really proud to offer it to you and we hope that you find it engaging and delicious.

Check out our new menu in the store or on our website (

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