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Staff Picks

Megan Minnick, Purchasing
Italian Frying Peppers
These are the absolute best peppers of the year. They have a sweet, rich and subtly smoky flavor that I just adore. One of the best things about summer!

Lonesome Stone All Purpose Flour
This is the freshest, most flavorful flour you’ll find anywhere. It’s milled in Lone Rock, and grown by local farmers. What’s not to love?

Wisconsin Meadows Grassfed Ground Beef
This is such an affordable option for super tasty grass-fed beef! I also love that it’s freshly ground in our meat department, so the quality is great!

Stephanie Ricketts, Administration
Nessalla Kombucha
First of all, the women who run Nessalla are AWESOME. They are committed to fair trade and local ingredients, support their community, and make a DELICIOUS brew. The seasonal varieties are my favorite, since they’re both novel and consistently awesome!

Batch Bakehouse Scali Bread
This bread! It’s the favorite of our household and those of many friends. The flavor is terrific, the texture is versatile and oh so satisfying, and the sesame seeds add a certain something. Great for sandwiches, french toast, crostini, croutons, or as a side to soup.

Just Coffee Cold Brew Blend
This coffee makes a great, concentrated cold coffee. The flavor is kind of malty, and really perfect on a warm morning with a high quality creamer! For instructions on how to make it, look to the back of the bag or on Just Coffee’s website.

Justin Hoelzen, Produce
Tipi Muskmelon
Tipi muskmelon is sensory bliss; its floral scent and mouth-watering flavor make it one of the most delicious melons you will ever eat. (While local supplies last.)

Tasha Whitson, Finance
Batch Bakehouse Challah Bread
This very plain (as intended) loaf of bread makes the best French toast.

Karben4 Block Party
This amber beer is perfect for a hot summer night. (Available at West only.)

Pygn Kreitzer, Rounder
Hidden Springs Bohemian Blue
I practically live on this cheese. It is a well-balanced creamy blue that isn’t overpoweringly pungent. I also think the farmers are passionate about the land and their sheep, which makes me feel great about buying it over and over.

Dan Frost, Store Manager
Willow Creek Bratwurst
These brats have simple ingredients, great flavor and they are just so juicy! Of course, like all of our meats, I know where this came from and how it was raised.

Lonesome Stone Bulk Flours
Whether we use it for morning pancakes or sandwich bread, this flour works and it’s so cool to know it came from right nearby!

Four Elements Lemon Eucalyptus Bug Spray
It keeps the bugs off, it smells good, it doesn’t use DEET, and... it’s locally made!

Kirsten Moore, Co-op Services
Lonesome Stone Milling Pancake Mix
I inherited my grandmother’s recipe box that included her sister-in-law’s applesauce pancake recipe, which takes me right back to my childhood. The recipe calls for Bisquick, and now I can easily make the recipe with fresher, less refined products and support a great local business while doing it! (Sold in bulk at West and packaged at East.)

Bos Meadery Hibiscus and Ginger Mead
I like dry meads, and I love a company that supports local beekeepers. I don’t know what it is about carbonation, but it adds such a refreshing feeling to drinking this sparkling gateway mead. (West only.)

Qet Botanicals Freshened Vanilla Dry Putty Deodorant
A little bit goes a long way, it goes on feeling clean and fresh, and it smells great! Aluminum- and glycol-free.


Anita Peterson, Produce
Driftless Sunflower Oil
A great way to replace inherently non-local olive oil.

Lacey Smith, Production Kitchen
Tipi Produce Summer Squash
I used to work at Tipi where we did a huge squash harvest three times a week! So I know the amount of work and love that goes into producing this delicious veggie. Favorite way to cook it is pan roasted on super high heat with sweet onions, garlic, basil, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. (While local supplies last.)

Potter’s Crackers
This is a business that really cares about local and organic! Flour, milk, butter, and fresh produce are all locally sourced and the crackers are handmade in small batches. They’re super tasty, too.

Anna Sisson, Front End
Hawkwind Hot Pepper Relish
I love this stuff. I get really enthusiastic about it because it’s just awesome. Sweet and spicy, it’s great on sandwiches, salads, in marinades, on eggs—literally everything. Hawkwind’s mustards are also great!

Driftless Sheep Cheese (all flavors)
Every flavor of this cheese is just so good. It’s super creamy and flavorful—perfect for picnics, on crackers or bread with some olives and more cheese, duh.

Pasqual’s Tortilla Chips
So good—love the spices on them. The best is a chip with a TON of spices on it (AKA a party chip). Sometimes you get like 20 party chips in one bag and it’s the best day ever.


Emily Greenall, Human Resources
Nessalla Kombucha Peach Blush
Delish! So bubbly and refreshing.

Willow Creek Bacon
Crispy, bacon-y deliciousness.

Driftless Organics Sunflower Oil
Great on salads! Local!

Kristi Jo McCloskey, Juice bar/Communications
Four Elements Love Body Oil
This product is the perfect blend of rose, cinnamon, and sandalwood essential oils. It’s a high-quality moisturizer and the scent lasts all day.

Yumbutter Peanut Butter
Locally made by a small Madison company that really cares about the quality of their product. It’s an interesting twist on regular old peanut butter. Ryan Jansen, Front End

Dream Farm Herbes de Provence Goat Cheese
Taste is great, texture is fantastic. I have seen the cute and noisy goats that make it. You should too! It’s out in Cross Plains!

Potter’s Crackers
They’re super good with the Dream Farm Cheese!

Angela Pohlman, Purchasing
LuSa Grounding Essential Oil Roll On
It smells super yummy!

Four Elements Fun-Gal Salve
TMI ahead—I’ve used it for rashes in my armpits and under my breasts—it works great!

UP4 Adult Probiotics
Well-researched formulas, and made in Madison!

Burmeister Bulk Ginseng Tea
Easy to use, and energizing!

Bright Endeavors Candles
The purchase of these candles provides employment for new mothers. “A pathway out of poverty.” And they smell great!! Win-win.

Andy Gricevich, Produce
Willow Creek Pork
Willow Creek’s pigs live the way pigs should—on pasture and in the woods, with a varied diet and lots of room to express their curiosity. A good life for a hog also means delicious pork, with healthy fats quite different than what you get from confinement operations—and raising animals this way can be restorative, rather than destructive, for an ecosystem.

Concord Grapes from Carandale Farm
A Proustian flavor experience sends me back to picking grapes off the back fence as a wee lad. The combination of tart skin and sweet flesh perfectly spans the grape spectrum, from wine to jelly flavors. Carandale has been researching and growing unusual fruit for decades. I love what they do. (While local supplies last.)

Paige Wickline, Finance
Quince & Apple Syrups
Makes the best cocktails!Pure local ingredients, delicious bold flavors for your craft cocktails.

Cesar’s Oaxaca Style String Cheese
Delicate, savory, mellow, buttery flavor—just the right amount of everything. Perfect!

Driftless Organics Sunflower Oil
Local, unrefined, delicious and healthy! Need I say more?

Liz Alar, Front End
Chip Magnet Top Dog Relish
It’s so good, with just a touch of spice. All of Chip Magnet’s products are great, but the relish is my favorite. It’s great mixed into tuna salad.

Simple Soyman Herb Style Tofu
Simple Soyman simply makes the best tofu I’ve ever had. The flavoring of the herb style tofu is great and takes a little of the work out of spicing it myself.

Living the Dream Farm Duck Eggs
These eggs are fantastic; they make for fabulous omelets and fried eggs. LTD Farm is a great company too, that treats its animals and its land well, focusing on ethical care and sustainability. Their website also has awesome recipes, like duck egg aioli and duck egg custard!

Amy Draper, Manager on Duty
Harmony Valley Farms Arugula
Arugula has become my favorite veggie! I put it on everything! Eggs, pizza, salads, stir fry, burgers! Adds a spicy crunch to anything!

YumButter Creamy Almond Sunflower Butter
It’s a gourmet treat compared to plain ol’ peanut butter. A little on a carrot, apple, or cracker makes for a nice snicky snack for adults as well as kids!!

Meghan Steingraber, Front End
Gentle Breeze Honey
It’s local, it’s raw and it’s so delicious! Plus, it comes in all different sizes, including a honey bear bottle. It’s always really fresh and it takes a long time to crystallize.

Rishi Earl Green Tea in bulk
I absolutely LOVE this tea! It has the bergamot flavor of an Earl Grey, but it’s milder and has less caffeine. It’s my go-to tea everyday!

Qet Botanicals Freshened Vanilla Dry Putty Deodorant
This product is not only made locally and with great ingredients, but it actually works! The dry putty takes a little getting used to, but it smells lovely and works better than any other natural deodorant that I’ve tried!

Lindsey Hardy, Front End
Cesar’s String Cheese
The stringiest string cheese you can find. Wonderfully creamy and salty. It is the way string cheese was meant to be!

Potter’s Crackers, All Flavors
Crunchy and flavorful. The best crackers you can find. Great for fancy cheese plates or just a snack.

Anna Gilberts, Meat
Willy Street Co-op Bone Broth
Made with all local organically raised beef bones, this is ideal for all your broth needs. It’s great to use while cooking roasts, starting a soup or even drinking by itself.

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