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Rishi Lavender Earl Grey Black Tea
I’ve been making this tea into iced “London Fogs” all summer! Pour over ice, add a little honey and a splash of vanilla, and top with milk of choice! (I like Tempt original coconut hemp milk.) Delicious, refreshing, and a little caffeine—perfection!

UP4 Kids Probiotics
My son looks forward to taking his probiotic every day with these! They’re tasty, good for him, and made locally!

Sassy Cow Salted Caramel Ice Cream
This is definitely the best salted caramel ice cream I’ve ever had. I’m lucky the rest of my family loves it too, because I could eat the whole quart! Plus, it’s made just outside Madison!

Lonesome Stone Milling Bulk Buckwheat Flour
This flour makes excellent pancakes and waffles, and it is gluten-free!

GoMacro Cashew Butter Bar
With a peanut allergy, there aren’t a lot of protein/nutrition bars I can eat. This one uses cashews instead! I try to keep one of these in my purse for on-the-go snacking.

Gail Ambrosius Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans
These delicious little morsels of caffeine are the perfect snack to fend off the “afternoon lull.” I also like keeping some in my backpack for spur of the moment shenanigans.

Bunky´s Hummus
I like to make a kind of Middle Eastern taco replacing salsa with this perfect hummus, and with grilled steak or eggplant and slaw in wheat tortillas. Delicious!

Rishi Pu-Erh Ginger Blend
This Milwaukee-based company has the most excellent collection of teas and the ginger pu-erh is delicious iced with a little honey.

Willow Creek Pork Shoulder
A happy pig gets to express its curiosity while foraging in open pasture and woodland, and that’s the way the animals at Willow Creek are raised—using practices that work with the environment in a balanced and even restorative way, and that produce exceptionally delicious pork, with healthy fats entirely different from those resulting from confinement operations. The shoulder is perhaps the most versatile cut—especially perfect for the slow cooker, with any of a variety of seasonings.  

Fizzeology Seasonal Ferments
Fizzeology makes vibrant, flavorful, healthy live-culture foods; each jar is a distillation and meeting of the produce grown in the thriving small-farm environs of the Wisconsin Driftless. Their seasonal varieties are hard to beat (or, sometimes, to beet)!

Red Russian Kale
During the local season, this often-overlooked variety can often be the sweetest and most tender—and its flat form makes it easy to prepare. I usually sauté it briefly in olive oil or bacon fat, adding a little lemon and some sweet cherry tomatoes at the end. It’s also great raw—a friend suggested a salad of Red Russian, red bell pepper, and banana, and the flavor balance was perfect. I modified that to make a “wrap” of kale, peppers, fresh figs and local cheese. Lovely.

Marieke Fenugreek Gouda
The creamy richness of the gouda goes very well with the toasted flavor of the fenugreek. I love eating this cheese by itself or with crackers and some fresh fruit.

LüSa Purification Cedar Sage Soap
I love the earthy, sweet scent of this soap. The smell lingers nicely after a shower, and isn’t overwhelming.

Capri Moo Bear Muenster Cheese
Best cheese ever! Works well with so many things!

RP’s Pasta Gorgonzola Tortelloni
This pasta has a great cheese flavor and makes for an quick and easy meal. While we have served it warm with a simple sauce, we actually prefer to cook the pasta, chill it and add it to a chopped salad to make a main course meal. Plus it’s made just down the road from Willy East with local ingredients. I love it when I can use seasonal local produce with this local pasta for an essentially local lunch or dinner!

tera’swhey Simply Pure Fair Trade Certified™ Dark Chocolate Whey Protein
When I first heard about this product years ago, I thought it was great that it was born out of a desire to use the whey that was extracted during the cheese making process. High in protein, it turns out that it tastes great too! I love adding this to smoothies—my favorite combination is blueberry, spinach and coconut milk with the chocolate tera’s whey. I’ve also used it to make protein shakes for my daughter with just the tera’swhey and milk.

Chutney Quark
This is a perfect sweet and a little spicy spreadable cows milk cheese, easy for snacking with crackers or spreading on toast for breakfast. Made in Milwaukee, WI with local chutney

Wisconsin Meadows Beef Jerky
This stuff is the real deal! Chewy, flavorful and filling. A great snack for a long drive.

Four Elements Soaps
I love the fact that ingredients for these soaps were grown in Wisconsin. They all smell super wonderful!

LüSa Organics Da Balm
This balm is perfect for itchy bug bites. Plus LüSa is a great local company that uses all natural ingredients.

Kristi Jo
Espresso Yum Butter
It’s a perfect nut butter blend with espresso, vanilla, cocoa and cinnamon. It’s perfect with fruit and made with love.

Caprine Supreme La-Von Goat Brie
This brie is my go-to for a not-too-pricey fancy cheese treat. It’s a great brie to try if you are adverse to rind—the rind is very mellow. It’s great tempered to room temperature on its own with some bread or crackers, and it’s also good either grilled for a few minutes on each side or baked at 350ºF for 5-10 minutes and topped with berries or diced peaches and honey with a little salt, pepper and thyme.

Vegan Cheesy Bowties
This has always been my favorite, ever since I started shopping here. It’s great as a side or as a main dish for a summer lunch. The balsamic vinegar and nutritional yeast dressing is really smooth, light and flavorful, and goes really well with the spinach and tomato.

Batch Bakehouse Challah Bread
It’s a luxury item for me—just love fresh challah!

Twisted Oaks Farms Chicken
These are delicious!!! This is our first local chicken that we sell! It is great for spatchcocking or beer can chicken! It is so juicy and flavorful!

Orchard Street Press Clothing
“Represent” your true (or inner) Midwestern self with these super cool and beautiful, Milwaukee-designed and printed shirts and onesies.

Duck Eggs
Richer, fattier, tastier. Literally the best eggs I have eaten.

The Green Dream Smoothie
It’s just the thing any time of year.

Widmer’s Two-Year Cheddar
This has become my cheese staple. It has enough tang to be eaten solo with some fresh grapes or a perfect pear, and it is sublime in a grilled cheese or on top of a turkey burger or hamburger. I rarely make a shopping trip without adding this cheese to my cart.

Willow Creek Sweet Italian Sausage
It’s perfect for spaghetti & meatballs.

Clasen’s Pretzel Slider Buns
They taste fresh for days, and they taste great.

Paleo Mama Bakery Magic Bars
Just the right kind of sweet.

Fairfield Flowers
Fairfield Flowers grows local, sustainable flowers out of south-central Wisconsin and their business model functions like a co-op. Their arrangements are always impressive and make a lovely gift.

Porchlight Products Pancake Mix
A wonderful pancake mix that is not only seriously tasty, Porchlight also teaches skill-building jobs which earns vital revenue for their non-profit agency. Porchlight also provides emergency shelter, food, employment services, counseling, and affordable transitional and permanent housing to over 8,000 people annually.

Totem Greeting Cards
I love the art and heart of these cards. They feel good in your hands and the text and drawings are in tune with many sentiments I wish to convey to my lovelies when Big Things are Happening.

Let It Ride Cold Brew Coffee
It’s difficult to find a bottled cold brew that has only coffee in it (Cookie Dough?! Butter Pecan?! Blech!!!). This local, refreshing and hefty brew has a low-acid charm. I’m so happy it exists!

Driftless Organics Sunflower Oil
Flavorful, versatile, reasonably priced, and best of all: local! I buy it from the bulk aisle. This has replaced olive oil as my go-to oil, and I use it in cooking and in things like salad dressings.

DiSalvo’s Pasta Sauce Original Recipe
I don’t know what their secret is, but DiSalvo’s makes the best tomato sauce on the planet. It’s made without any sugar! Try it, you will love it.

Dream Farms Fresh Goat Cheeses
It is the freshest, brightest loveliest goat cheese in all of the land. Throw it on a pizza, spread it on some bread, dip some veggies in it. Farmer Diana treats her goats with love and respect, and the milk that is made into the cheese tastes exactly like that.

Vegan Sheba Bars
I’m not even vegan and I think this bar is absolutely amazing! They’re so addicting, but in the best way!

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