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Rishi Peach Blossom Tea

This blend makes a great iced tea on a hot summer day!!! ...and tastes like peach pie when made piping hot on a rainy morning. Rishi tea is produced in Milwaukee, so you can feel good about indulging locally.



Qet Lip Balm with Green Tea and Vitamins

I treated myself to this product on last Wellness Wednesday and it did not disappoint. This is a thicker lip balm with an ultra-hydrating base of plant oils and matcha tea. I love that it’s long lasting without feeling waxy or too oily. Every time I use it I feel like I’m treating my lips to a luxurious dose of antioxidants. Available at West and East.



Willy Street Co-op Lemon Cheesecake Bar

These bars are delicious—creamy filling, lemon flavor that isn’t overpowering, a great little treat if you want something sweet but not too sweet.

Orchard Street Apparel Represent Wisconsin Hoodie

You’ve probably seen a lot of Co-op employees wearing these because they are the softest, most comfortable hoodies EVER. I’m so glad I finally bought one for myself.

Wisconsin Candle Company Candles

Local soy candles that look pretty and smell great! I love when we get new scents in and I have to try them all. Currently my fave is the Brandy Old Fashioned!



Four Elements Calendula Neroli Cream

Working in the Deli we wash our hands a hundred times a day. And, this is the only product I’ve found that cures and soothes the irritation caused by our dry winters. Plus it smells like spring :)



tera’s whey Simply Pure Fair Trade
Certified™ Dark Chocolate Whey Protein

When I first heard about this product years ago, I thought it was great that it was born out of a desire to use the whey that was extracted during the cheesemaking process. High in protein, it turns out that it tastes great too! I love adding this to smoothies—my favorite combination is blueberry, spinach and coconut milk with the chocolate tera’s whey. I’ve also used it to make protein shakes for my daughter with just the tera’s whey and milk.



Gittos 10” Tortillas

They’re so fresh and chewy and they hold everything in. Local and organic.



Local Organic Cauliflower

The local organic cauliflower is so fresh and flavorful! I love it roasted with a little olive oil and sea salt.

Willy Street Co-op Lemon Blueberry Muffin

This muffin is deeeelicious. The tartness and the sweetness combine really well with the cakeyness of the muffin.

Chrysalis Pops

They have amazing flavors - Rhubarb Ginger is my favorite—and it’s for a great cause. Chrysalis Pops provides paid work opportunities that improve the mental health and wellness of individuals and the community through sales of their local, organic pops.

Nature’s Bakery Six Grain Granola

I like to add this granola to yogurt, blueberries and chia seeds. In addition to the six (count ‘em, six) organic grains, the sunflower seeds and honey add great flavor and offer some crunch and chew. And it’s made right down the street from Willy East!

Orv’s Tasty Toppings Thin Crust Pizzas

Dinner plans fall through, your casserole burns, you suddenly have to feed your kid’s friends: frozen pizza to the rescue! This one has a nice crust and slightly tangy (but not too sweet) sauce. Plus it’s locally prepared! Available at East and North.



Upton’s Naturals Seitan

I love seitan, so I love all of Upton’s Naturals seitan products, but my favorite is their chorizo-style seitan. Upton’s seitan is low fat, low in carbs, dairy-free, vegan, and high in protein. I use it in wraps, in sandwiches, on salads, in chili, as a breakfast side, and in stir fry (but I could really just sit and eat an entire chunk of it, out of the package).

What is seitan, you ask? According to the Upton’s Naturals website, “Seitan is a traditional Japanese food made by rinsing the starch away from wheat and retaining the protein.” It is very hearty and has a real “meatiness” to it. So, if you like seitan for seitan’s sake or, if you are looking for a great alternative to meat, give Upton’s Naturals seitan a try!



Cedar Teeth Large Marge Pizza

On this very night, ten years ago, along this same stretch of road in a dense fog just like this, I ate the best frozen pizza ever, it was the Large Marge by Cedar Teeth! Seriously, the crust is so good.

Cedar Road Meats Peppered Bacon

This bacon comes with a built in peppery kick. It is super delicious in a BLT, crumbled over a salad, or added to any breakfast sandwich!



Madame Chu Sambal Nyonya

This locally made deep red chili paste is my go to when I need to kick up the heat in a rice or noodle dish. It also goes great with eggs, fish, and chicken. If heat isn’t your thing, Madame Chu offers a Ginger Garlic Paste and a Satay Peanut Nyonya that are just as tasty.



Madame Chu Delicacies

This product is so awesome and a little goes a long way. The Sambal Nyonya flavor is my favorite. I put it on pretty much everything. My two favorite ways to use it are mixing a little with melted butter and tossing it with popcorn, and frying up some leftover rice with a spoonful and wrapping it in an omelette. It is also great in any stir fry you can whip up!



Organic Valley Heavy Cream

One of the few brands with no carrageenan, a common additive.

Silver Creek Venison Summer Sausage

Tastes great, and it doesn’t get much more “Wisconsin” than venison!



Willy Street Co-op Fudgy Flourless Brownies

Best chocolate treat. When I have that intense chocolate craving, this is the only thing that satisfies. Local and yummy!

Szczutkowski Organic Applesauce

My grandma made the best homemade applesauce. This tastes just as good. And there are only two ingredients: organic apples and water.



Butternut Squash

These squashes have an almost creamy quality in soups. Their texture is hardy enough to be eaten cubed and steamed as well. With a robust flavor, they stand up well next to greens or other vegetables. They keep before being cut so you can save them for a great recipe!



Donkey Chips Salted Tortilla Chips

These local tortilla chips stand up to any dip—salsa, guacamole, bean dip, hummus, you name it. Just try to break one of these bad boys when dipping. I double-dippin’ dare you!

Di Salvo’s Sicilian Black Olives & Capers Pasta Sauce

The umami-est of all pasta sauces! Di Salvo’s products are inspired by the Di Salvo family’s Greenbush Neighborhood restaurant ‘Di Salvo’s Spaghetti House’ that started in the ‘40s. Flavor & tradition!

Renard’s 2-Year White Cheddar

For all the times you are looking for a staple, snacking, melting, tasty cheese that doesn’t break the bank or leave you feeling basic.



Bunky´s Hummus

I like to make a kind of Middle Eastern taco replacing salsa with this perfect hummus, and with grilled steak or eggplant and slaw in wheat tortillas. Delicious!



Clasen’s Frosted Sugar Cookies

I love love love frosted sugar cookies! I pretty much have to have one every time I see one. Some are better than others, of course. These are delicious in a very classic sense...just what you’d expect. I personally don’t care much about the decorations on them, but our local Clasen’s cookies are SO dang cute and certainly at a higher artistic level than most. Who wouldn’t love you if you surprised them with one?! Not me (hint, hint)!

Porchlight Products Pancake Mix

A wonderful pancake mix that is not only seriously tasty, Porchlight also teaches skill-building jobs which earns vital revenue for their non-profit agency. Porchlight also provides emergency shelter, food, employment services, counseling, and affordable transitional and permanent housing to over 8,000 people annually.

Nami Chips

Think thin, sophisticated, made-from-scratch. These are dehydrated chips, made with the finest local veggies, sprouted seeds and Japanese Koji (a fermented culture). All a delicious meal-in-a-chip to be savored and shared only with those you are truly fond of. Choose from three flavors to suit your mood: Shiso Tomato, Sunny Garden, and Butternut Curry. Support this Viroquan wonder-food!



East Side Ovens Vegan Banana Peanut Butter Cupcake

All the delicious sweetness of a cupcake without the dense overwhelming texture of actual cake. Light, fluffy and just peanut buttery enough to delight the senses time and time again.



Cesar’s Queso Fresco

This cheese completes me! Perfectly salty and crumbly in texture. AMAZING on pretty much anything, but especially perfect on Sweet Corn or Tacos.



Cesar’s Oaxacan String Cheese

Endlessly stringy! This locally produced, hand-stretched string cheese is perfect for kids and adults. Made by Cesar Luis, who learned the art of cheesemaking by hand as a young boy in Oaxaca, Mexico, and currently produces in Columbus, Wisconsin.


Helen R

Marieke fenugreek Gouda

The creamy richness of the gouda goes very well with the toasted flavor of the fenugreek. I love eating this cheese by itself or with crackers and some fresh fruit.

Cadence Cold Brew
Asian Black Mango Tea

This is my new favorite summer drink! I appreciate having a caffeinated drink that doesn’t contain sweeteners. The tea is very smooth and mellow, with a subtle mango flavor. I also like that it’s locally made!



Tipi Produce Carrots

They are so sweet and tasty! No other carrot packs as much flavor as Tipi’s. You can tell that they are grown with love. You can also get them well into winter. They are great raw, cooked or even juiced!

RP’s Tortelloni

I wish I had time to make fresh pasta at home; this is the closest to homemade pasta! They do all the work for you and this is awesome for a quick meal!



Regenerative Roots Heirloom Tomatoes

These delicious tomatoes fit well with any dinner. They have a rich earthy flavor and will add a pop of color to any dish. Buy a bunch and make some salsa, or a few to make a quick caprese salad.



Party in My Pants Cloth Menstrual Pads

I have been using this company’s cloth pads for seven years now and they are a durable and comfortable option that has allowed me to cut down on the waste I produce. The snap makes them easy to transport conveniently and helps hold them in place during use. They have lots of size and material options and the fun cloth designs make things just a bit better. Added Bonus Prize: Party in my Pants is a women-owned small company that operates out of Ashland, Wisconsin.

Willy Street Co-op Berry Charger

One of my favorite smoothies of all time. The strawberry, mango, and apple blend wonderfully to create a not-too-sweet flavor with a nice kick of ginger and the tiny caffeine boost of jasmine tea. The flavors complement each other rather than compete to make this one fruity delight!

New Glarus Belgium Red (Cherry)

New Glarus Brewery describes this as “the marriage of wine and beer” and I would agree with that assessment. I am generally not a beer drinker but I make an exception for this fabulous deeply fruity beverage. Dark and rich, it hits every mark. When served with chocolate it’s a dream come true. If you enjoy this one also try the Raspberry Tart! Available at North and West.

Cedar Teeth Psycho Kaler Pizza

Qu’est-ce que ç’est? (Sorry—I had to do it.) This is a fantastic vegan pizza from Milwaukee’s own Cedar Teeth. Although this is what I imagine meat-eaters think a vegan pizza is like (a.k.a. covered in kale), I think in this case Cedar Teeth nailed it. Mushrooms, sunflower seeds, sundried tomatoes, and a tasty sourdough crust take this pizza up a notch and demonstrate what many of us already know (you can still make a great pizza without cheese). If this doesn’t float your boat they sell just their sourdough crusts so you can build your own.

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