Willy Street Co-op Board of Directors

Holly Fearing, President

Holly Fearing

Jeannine Bindl

Jeannine Bindl

Emma Cameron

Evan Cameron

Pat Butler

Pat Butler

Bruce Slaughenhoupt

Bruce Slaughenhoupt

Stephanie Ricketts

Stephanie Ricketts

Meghan Gauger

Meghan Gauger

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

Ben Becker, Board Administrator

Ben Becker

Anya Firszt, General Manager

Anya Firszt

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Incorporated in September of 1973, Willy Street Co-op was born into a politically charged atmosphere. Founding members felt a need to make a statement to support an alternative way of life. Over forty years later, Willy Street Co-op continues to provide alternatives–offering the finest in natural and organic foods; maintaining a safe, participatory workplace; supporting local businesses and suppliers; and operating the store efficiently for the long-term benefit of Owners and the community.

Willy Street Co-op is owned by more than 34,000 active Owners, governed by a Board of Directors, and operated by a paid staff. Owners have always been the backbone of the Co-op, supporting it financially and participating in governance.

The Board of Directors welcome your comments by email:

goes to all Board members, the General Manager, the Board administrator, and relevant personnel.

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As a cooperative, we are committed to being responsive to our Owners and shoppers. This can best be accomplished when the Board reflects the wide diversity and interests of our Owners. We are especially eager to welcome new Board members with skills and background relevant to a large, complex business, for example, experience in business, community development, real estate, law, retail operations, or human resources. Board of Directors elections are held each year. The candidates are announced at the Annual Meeting & Party in July, and elections commence August 1st. For more information on how to run for the Board, contact the .

Committee Descriptions

Committee membership consists of up to four Board members and up to four volunteers recruited from the full Co-op Ownership. Volunteers are appointed by the full Board.

The duration of the Member term will be determined by the committee charter or as recommended by the board.

The committee typically meets monthly or as needed to fulfill the responsibilities outlined. The committee sets an annual calendar of meetings to manage its workload and address relevant issues in a timely manner. A majority of the committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction
of business.

The Chairperson is elected by the committee members and serves for a term of one year. The chair is tasked with the following duties:

  • Facilitate meetings
  • Set the meeting agenda and annual calendar

The Finance Committee:

The Finance Committee is a Board committee established to assist the Board in providing oversight to the financial operations of the Co-op.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Recommend an annual operations and capital budget to the Board of Directors
  • Review the financial appropriateness of unbudgeted capital expenditures over one percent of the Co-op’s total equity, any decision to buy or sell the Co-op’s building(s), or expenditures over ten percent of the Co-op’s total equity on an expansion project
  • Review quarterly financial statements and other reports to ensure that the Co-op is operating in a financially prudent manner
  • Report to Board as necessary about financial operations
  • Monitor and review policies and monitoring reports related to financial operations
  • Propose new policies as needed to promote financially sound operations
  • Participate in the audit process as requested by the Board
  • Review recommendations from the annual audit and work with management to develop plans to address identified concerns
  • Provide input on GM performance related to financial operations
  • Review soundness of key financial partners
  • Identify and align capital requirements with strategic goals set by the Board
  •  In collaboration with staff, review and select the accounting firm to perform the Co-ops annual financial audit.
  • Oversee the Co-ops financial annual audit.
  • Review the results of the audit and follow up on recommended changes.

Policy Committee:

The Policy Committee is an ad hoc committee dedicated to reviewing the Co-op's current policies. The group, comprised of Board members, Co-op staff and Owners, will review the policies for accuracy and completeness and make subsequent recommendations to the full Board of Directors.

Board Development Committee:

The Board Development Committee is an ad hoc committee that works to identify development opportunities for the Willy Street Co-op Board. This includes, but is not limited to, training opportunities, Owner engagement strategies, and candidate recruitment for Board elections.

2017 - 2018 Committees

CommitteeSeats AvailableMembers
Finance Committee:up to 4 Board membersEmma Cameron, Bruce Slaughenhoupt, Pat Butler
GM or designeeAnya Firszt (GM/voting member ) or Paige Wickline (Finance Director/non-voting member)
5 non-Board membersGeorge Hofheimer, AJ Sue, Dave Grace, Kathy Nelson, and Dan Ramos Haaz (Chair)
Policy Committee:up to 4 Board membersStephanie Ricketts, Emma Cameron, Meghan Gauger
non-Board membersDoug Johnson, Kathy Humiston, Anya Firszt
Board Development Committee:up to 4 Board membersStephanie Ricketts, Meghan Gauger, Jeannine Bindl
non-Board membersBrendon Smith (staff), Kirsten Moore (staff)
Investment Committee:Board MemberBrian Anderson
Staff MembersAnya Firszt, Paige Wickline, Kerrie Lentz, Forrest Herschelman
GM Evaluation Committee:Board MembersHolly Fearing
Community Reinvestment Fund:Board MemberMeghan Gauger
Staff MembersKirsten Moore, gianofer fields
Members at LargeKyle Freund, Michael Gay
Access Discount Committee:Board MemberMeghan Gauger
Staff MembersKirsten Moore, Becca Schill
Members at LargeStephanie Jung, Anthony Hernandez, Michelle Gerise Godwin