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Organic mangoes, 3 for $5 for Owners through 4/5/15
Run for the Board of Directors! Applications due by 9pm on 6/1/15.
What's for lunch? See our online menus.
Cheese Taste Testing Challenge
Community Reinvestment Fund

Daily Menu

11am - 8pm
Tuesday, March 31st

Home Fries- Red Potatoes oven roasted with olive oil and taco seasoning

Chana Masala – An Indian stew of tomatoes, chick peas and spinach in a masala sauce.

Made Without Gluten Mac & Cheese- Classic mac & cheese made with gluten-free fusilli

Peanut Chicken – Boneless skinless chicken thighs baked in a...

11am - 8pm
Tuesday, March 31st
Traditional Side

Beef Taco Filling- Perfectly spiced ground beef taco meat.

Corn taco shells- Hard taco shells for building the perfect taco.

Corn Tortilla Chips

Queso Dip- Our...

Vegan Side

Deepak's Vegan Korma- Coconut korma filled with veggies and spices. One of our most popular dishes!

Red Lentil Curry

Earth Balanced Peas and Carrots- Green peas and carrots cooked...

Owner Rewards

Owner Rewards are sales promotions that are available only to Owners of the Willy Street Co-op. New sales are offered each week from great items throughout the store.