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Allergen Statement

Willy Street Co-op staff take pride in using high quality products and safe food-handling procedures. However, only packaged products with allergen-free claims should be considered safe for those who have extreme food-related allergies.

All equipment and production space in the Willy Street Co-op Kitchen and our Delis is shared, and common allergens (nuts, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs) are used daily. Even if a prepared food's ingredients do not contain an allergen, it is possible that it inadvertently came into contact with traces of one during preparation.

Our pre-packaged bulk items ("Willy-Packed" dried fruits, snacks, and other foods) are packed in our Kitchen, and should not necessarily be considered allergen-free either.

Our Bulk aisles also feature some products that contain allergens, and airborne transfer of allergens could occur.

We cannot guarantee that cross-contamination can be completely avoided in any of these cases, so if you have a serious food allergy, please be advised of this and act accordingly.

If you would like to order a full case of any bulk or Willy-Packed item in order to avoid its being handled in our shared environments please call or ask a staff member about pre-ordering.