Advertising in the Reader

The Co-op is a full-service natural foods grocery store with over 34,000 Owners. The Reader is a monthly newsletter/newspaper for the Owners and customers of the Willy Street Co-op.

Note: We decline to print political ads that promote specific candidates.

Publication Information

The Willy Street Co-op Reader is our monthly newsletter that contains information about natural/organic foods, sustainable farming, environmental/health issues, and events that are happening at the Co-op.

The Reader is mailed directly to over 34,000 Owners’ homes at the first of the month, and picked up by 2,000+ in-store customers.

Reserving Ad Space and Deadlines

All advertisers must reserve space by filling out the Reader Ad Agreement (above) and emailing it to This must be done by the 10th of the month preceding the issue you want your ad to appear.

Completed advertisements must be received by the 15th of the preceding month.

Ad space can sell out, so reserve your space as early as possible.

Preparing Your Ad for Print

The Willy Street Co-op Reader is a 24-32 page print publication that is printed out-of-house. The ad rates listed apply to “camera-ready” artwork, meaning a one-seeded black & white print on plain white office paper, or a digital ad submitted to Liz Wermcrantz at  by the 15th of the month preceding the issue you want your ad to appear.

Print Ads

If you use a drawing or logo in your ad, submit it in black and white form, with at least 300 dpi(dots per inch) output or greater. Remember that extra fine detail might blur or fade when using a high speed press.

Digital Ads

Digital ads must be created as an EPS document in Illustrator or as a PDF. If using Illustrator, all text and fonts must be turned into outlines. If sending a PDF, copies of all fonts and images must be embedded.

Online Ads

If you would like your ad to appear in the online version of the Reader, it must be submitted as a jpg file at 72 pixels/inch resolution. It should be 170, 350, or 725 pixels wide depending on the size of the ad.

170px = 1/4 page

350px = 1/2 page

725px = full page

Prices and Dimensions

All dimensions are width x height. Ads must be submitted at exact dimensions!

Black and White Rates

Full page10.25" x 13"$900$875$850$825
1/2 Horiz.10.25" x 6.375"$575$550$525$490
1/2 Vert.5" x 13"$575$550$525$490
1/4 Horiz.10.25" x 3.065"$325$300$285$265
1/4 Vert.2.375" x 13"$325$300$285$265
1/4 Sq.5" x 6.375"$325$300$285$265
1/8 Horiz.5" x 3.065"$200$180$165$150
1/8 Vert.2.375" x 6.375"$200$180$165$150
1/16 Sq.2.375" x 3.065"$115$100$85$75

Color Rates

Full page10.25" x 13"$1000$950$925$900
1/2 Horiz.10.25" x 6.375"$650$625$600$550
1/2 Vert.5" x 13"$650$625$600$550
1/4 Horiz.10.25" x 3.065"$400$350$350$325
1/4 Vert.2.375" x 13"$400$350$350$325
1/4 Sq.5" x 6.375"$400$350$350$325
1/8 Horiz.5" x 3.065"$265$225$225$200
1/8 Vert.2.375" x 6.375"$265$225$225$200
1/16 Sq.2.375" x 3.065"$165$125$125$110


Willy Street Co-op Owners receive a 5% discount when placing an ad in the Reader.

Size and Page Layout

Ads are placed for best visual contrast on the page. Due to layout constraints, we cannot guarantee specific requests for page location or placement. Placement of the ad is up to the discretion of the editor. Examine the Reader before producing your artwork. This will give you an idea of the visual possibilities to help your ad be noticed in the newsletter.