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Gift Ownerships

Ownership imageWant to get your friend or family member Ownership of Willy Street Co-op as a gift? It's easy to do! Just stop at the Customer Service desk in any store.

Do you work with an organization that wants to set up multiple people as Co-op Owners? We can do that, too! We will also waive the administrative fee for any entity that wants to purchases gift Ownerships for a group of five (5) or more Individuals or Households. To get started, just contact our Owner Records Administrator.

If you would like to purchase one or more gift Ownerships but don’t have a specific person to whom you’d like to give them, please consider donating money to the Northside Planning Council; they accept donations that will be used to help subsidize Willy Street Co-op Ownerships for those in need on the northside. Contact the Northside Planning Council for more information.

Call the Northside Planning Council at (608) 230-1221.