Ownership in the Willy Street Co-op

Anyone can shop at the Co-op, and everyone is welcome to join. Your equity payments are an investment in your Co-op and are used as capital, assisting with store operations and improvements.

Becoming an Owner of a cooperative means, among other things, that you are making an investment in the Co-op, essentially becoming one of the owners of the business. At Willy Street Co-op, we call this investment your Fair Share and is defined as Ownership of Willy Street Co-op (with voting privileges). It is not a membership fee and it is used to support the cooperative. Benefits of Ownership begin after your first equity payment, regardless of which payment plan you choose, in full or by installments.

After you've made your first Fair Share payment, you can pick up your Owner card at the Customer Service desk.  Please be prepared to show your card or tell the cashier your Ownership number every time you shop.

Your Ownership will last as long as you want it to. If you leave you may withdraw your Fair Share from the Co-op and your original equity investment will be returned to you, minus any administrative fees paid. Contact a Customer Service representative to begin the refund process.

Remember: equity-paying members (Owners) collectively own the Willy Street Grocery Cooperative! 

As a Willy Street Co-op Owner, you can:

  1. Receive a Patronage Refund during years the Co-op is profitable (initiated in late 2009)
  2. Take advantage of Owner Rewards sales and sign up to receive the flyer by email
  3. Receive free tickets to our Annual Meeting & Party
  4. Get discounts on pre-ordered case purchases
  5. Special order items not regularly sold in the store
  6. Receive our monthly newsletter, the Reader, in the mail or sign up to receive it by email
  7. Receive a 5% discount on Reader advertising
  8. Participate in the organization by serving on committees or running for the Board of Directors
  9. Co-op reciprocity: When traveling you'll pay owner prices at most other retail food co-ops throughout the country by showing your Willy Street Co-op Owner card
  10. Save 5% every day (Owners pay shelf price; non-Owners pay 5% more)
  • Benefits are limited to Willy Street Co-op Owners only; purchase surcharges waived for customers with legitimate ownership cards from other existing food co-ops.

Fair Share contract

Individual Ownership is one person entitled to one vote. The Individual who would like to become an Owner must complete the form below. Only the individual can use their Owner number and receive the benefits of Ownership
HouseholdOwnership2 is two people entitled to one vote who live in the same dwelling. Both people on the Ownership avoid the non-Owner surcharge, can enter prize drawings, pick up tickets to the Annual Meeting & Party, and receive patron refunds when applicable. The primary name on the Ownership must be the person who is completing this form and is the only person who can make changes regarding the Ownership. Any other adult living in an Owner's household may use the Ownership to make purchases, but cannot vote, enter prize drawings, pick up tickets to the Annual Meeting & Party, or receive patronage refunds.

1Cooperatives and Non-Profits are entitled to purchase equity ($91/Household) and assume the rights and benefits of Ownership. See Customer Service at either store to sign up. Cooperatives must provide a copy of their Articles of Incorporation, and Non-Profits must provide a copy of their IRS 501c3 determination letter.

2Businesses are not eligible to invest equity and become Owners; however, the Co-op does offer a Business Account which offers limited shopping benefits, such as waiving the 5% non-Owner surcharge and offering a discount on pre-ordered cases. See Customer Service at either store to sign up for a Business Account.

Choose Full or 7 payment plan of either an Individual or a Household Ownership.
Extra verification is required to qualify for an Access Discount and can be submitted in person at either store location. (See below for requirements)

Individual Ownership

One-time payment of $58.00 ($56.00 for a Individual Fair Share investment + $2.00 non-refundable administrative fee*)
* Payment in full saves you up to $12.00 in administrative fees.


Activating Your Web Account

Go to this address www.willystreet.coop/user/password and enter your Owner number or email address to request a login link. Next, you'll receive a one-time login email with a link. This will take you to your willystreet.coop account. Here you need to enter a new password and then click save. Congratulations! You are now able to log in to willystreet.coop/user, anytime and anywhere using your Owner number and the password you just created.

While you are here, you can help us save a few trees and opt to receive our monthly newsletter by email instead of paper mail.

Signing up here will let us know you want to remove your name from our paper newsletter mailing list. If you would prefer to receive your Reader by paper mail as well, after saving your Reader preferences on your account, please call our Owner Records Administrator at (608) 251-0884 x734, including your full name and Owner number, to make that request.

If you're not sure what email is listed on your Owner account, or if we even have one on file for you, you can either stop by the Customer Service desk and fill out a short contact information update form, or call our Owner Records Administrator at (608) 251-0884 x734, with your full name and Owner number.