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Art Gallery

Willy Street Co-op supports providing opportunities for the Artists to display their work in the Community Rooms free of charge. Artwork must be nondiscriminatory and suitable for all ages. Artists may be Owners or the Co-op staff, or come from nonprofits, schools, and other cooperatives and collectives. Proposals for use of the Gallery should be submitted two months in advance of exhibit opening and will be reviewed and approved upon a first come first-served basis. Exhibits will last for eight (8) weeks. Due to the mixed use of the room, art pieces that do not mount flat to the wall or are three dimensional in nature are not recommended. All art will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please contact:
Amanda Ikens for Willy East (608) 251-6776 x2322
Katie O’Connell-Jones for Willy West (608) 284-7800 x2509 
gianofer fields for Willy North  (608) 512 - 6184