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Double Dollars

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Every Tuesday starting October 22, 2019 through March 10, 2020, any shopper using their FoodShare/QUEST card to purchase groceries will be eligible to receive up to $20 worth of Double Dollars vouchers. These vouchers help purchase fresh, canned and frozen produce, and seeds and seedlings for growing edible plants.

For every $5 you spent using FoodShare/QUEST for any FoodShare/QUEST eligible items, the Co-op will give you 1 $5 Double Dollar voucher, up to $20. The vouchers can be used at any Willy Street Co-op retail location on any day  October 2019 through May 2020 (as funds allow the program to continue) to purchase:

  • All items in our Produce Department
  • Canned and frozen fruit, vegetables and legumes
  • Seeds and seedlings for growing edible plants

Answers to some questions you may have:

Q: How do the vouchers work?

A: The vouchers are each a value of up to $5. To receive the full value of the voucher, you must spend at least the full $5. If you spend less than $5, you will still be remitting the entire voucher.

Q: Can I use more than one Double Dollars voucher at a time?

A: Yes. You can use as many Double Dollars vouchers in one shopping trip as you like.

Q: When can I spend my Double Dollars vouchers?

A: You can spend your Double Dollars vouchers on your very next shopping trip and you can use any or all of your vouchers from October through May as funds allow the program to continue.

Q: What if I cannot spend all of my Double Dollars vouchers this year?

A: You can hold on to your Double Dollars vouchers from the Co-op until next year and use them anytime October through May at the Co-op as funds allow the program to continue.

Q: Can anyone use my Double Dollars vouchers?

A: No. You will need to show your FoodShare/QUEST card to the cashier when redeeming the vouchers.

Q: Are WIC purchases at Willy North eligible for receiving Double Dollars vouchers?

A: No. Only FoodShare/QUEST purchases are eligible for receiving Double Dollars vouchers.

Q: Can I use Double Dollars when I make purchases using WIC at Willy North?

A: Yes. You can redeem Double Dollars vouchers when you make purchases using WIC at Willy North, FoodShare/QUEST or any other tender type we accept at all Co-op locations.

Q: Can I use Double Dollars vouchers from a farmers’ market at the Co-op?

A: No. Only the vouchers we distribute can be redeemed at the Co-op. The farmers’ markets cannot accept our vouchers either. They are two separate tender-types under the same Double Dollars umbrella program: vouchers for the farmers’ markets, vouchers for the Co-op.

Q: Do I have to be an Owner of the Co-op to participate in Double Dollars Tuesdays?

A: No. Anyone using FoodShare/QUEST to make purchases at the Co-op on Tuesdays while the program is available will be able to receive Double Dollars vouchers.

If you are not an Owner, and you are using FoodShare/QUEST, we encourage you to consider becoming an Owner and participating in our Access Discount Program, which will provide you an additional 10% off all groceries, stretching your FoodShare/QUEST purchases, Double Dollars purchases, and all other tender-types you use for your grocery shopping budget even further. Please stop by the Customer Service Desk if you would like to become an Owner and participate in the Access Discount Program.

Q: Which Co-op locations are participating in the Double Dollars program?

A: All Co-op locations (East, North and West). 

Q: Can I receive Double Dollars vouchers on Tuesdays when I shop with E-commerce? Can I spend Double Dollars on the e-commerce site? 

A: Yes, you can! If you select FoodShare/QUEST as your tender type when shopping with E-commerce, the delivery driver will bring Double Dollars vouchers to distribute to you when your EBT card is swiped. 

Q: Can I redeem Double Dollars vouchers on the E-commerce site? 

A: You can if you are using the E-commerce site for pickup, we are unable to accept them for delivery. 

Our e-commerce program currently cannot accept any coupons or vouchers for delivery, and so you will only be able to redeem your Double Dollars via the pick-up option on the E-commerce site, or when you shop in the store. If you are unable to come to the store to pay for your groceries to redeem your Double Dollars, you may contact Customer Service about having another person you know pick up and pay for your groceries on your behalf. We do plan to develop the capability to accept coupons and vouchers on the e-commerce site in the long run, but we do not have a timeline we can promise presently.

Q: What organization administers Double Dollars?

A: Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin. They also handle distribution of Double Dollars at many local farmers markets - see their website's Double Dollars page's Double Dollars page for a list of current participating markets.

Q: What is/How can I participate in FoodShare/QUEST?

A: FoodShare is a federal benefit that provides extra money for groceries to low-income individuals and families. The benefits come on an easy-to-use debit-like card that can be used at the Co-op, many farmers markets, and most major grocery stores. To find out if you may be eligible, please call Second Harvest at 1-877-366-3635 for a confidential screening You may also schedule an appointment when you call the number or drop-in to talk with Second Harvest here at the Co-op. Visit our events page to find out when the next monthly Second Harvest FoodShare event is at your favorite Co-op location. During your appointment, a FoodShare Outreach specialist will assist you with an application, answer questions, and connect you with other great community resources.

Q: What if I lost my Double Dollars voucher(s)?

A: We cannot re-issue Double Dollars vouchers if they were lost. After the vouchers are issued, it is the customer’s responsibility to keep track of them.

Q: Why are Double Dollars vouchers only available on Tuesdays?

A: Our goal is to make the program at the Co-op last from late fall to early spring and to help as many people have an opportunity to receive Double Dollars vouchers as possible. Based on the amount of money available to fund the program at both the Co-op and the Farmers’ Market, we can only afford to offer the vouchers once per week. While we know that Tuesdays may not be the best for all, we also know that no matter what day we select, it wouldn’t be convenient for everyone. We choose the same day of each week to keep consistent, and make it clear to customers when the vouchers are available.

The program costs about $120,000 to operate at current levels and the program is funded by donations. To add another day of distribution at the Co-op it would cost twice that amount. You can help increase the funding supporting Double Dollars by reusing bags when you shop the Co-op and by making cash donations at the registers using the Double Dollars Fund scan cards. Donations and what the Co-op saves from your reuse of bags are sent to Community Action Coalition to support the program and provide vouchers at both the Co-op and participating Farmers’ Markets.  

Farmers markets can offer Double Dollars every time they are open, because they are not open every day and do not have the same volume of traffic that we do.

Q: What makes Double Dollars Tuesdays possible?

A: Double Dollars Tuesdays are made possible thanks to the Co-op’s Double Dollars Fund, Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin, the City of Madison, the Madison Area Chefs’ Network, and other private funders.

You can contribute to the Double Dollars Fund at the cash registers by selecting a scan card to make a cash donation or by reusing bags so that the Co-op can save the money we would spend on disposable bags to contribute to the Fund.