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Run for the Board; Ends Report; and More

Meghan Gauger, Board Member

Happy Spring! Here is the latest news from your Board of Directors.


Have you ever wanted to become more involved with your Co-op in a leadership capacity? Consider running for your Willy Street Co-op Board of Directors! This July, there will be three open seats, and each seat is for a three-year term.


  • You will join a great group of people who love the Co-op and are motivated to ensure the Co-op’s success now and into the future.
  • The Board represents all Owners of the Co-op, and we are best represented when Owners with diverse perspectives serve.
  • The Board works to shape the vision for the Co-op, while monitoring the Co-op’s financial health, and working on strategic policies. This is exciting work!

There are some requirements for running for the Board—please check out the application packet on our website: Applications are due June 1.

Questions about running for the Board? Contact Board Administrator Ben Becker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (link sends e-mail)

Speaking of your Board, just a reminder that you can meet some of us at the stores—April 14 at Willy West from 12:00pm-2:00pm, and May 12 at Willy East from 12:00pm–2:00pm. We look forward to meeting you!


As previously reported, our former Board Vice President moved on to other adventures, leaving an open seat and open VP slot. I’m pleased to tell you that Board member Jeannine Bindl has stepped up to serve as our new Vice President. Thank you, Jeannine, for taking on this role!

Your Board also voted unanimously to appoint Dan Ramos Haaz to fill the vacated seat until our Board elections in July. Dan has previously served on the Board and is currently the Chair of the Finance Committee. Welcome, Dan, and thank you for serving.


Finally, I’d like to give an update on our Ends report. Your Willy Street Co-op follows a set of principles called the Global Ends Policy. Our Ends Policy states:

Willy Street Grocery Co-op will be at the forefront of a cooperative and just society that:

  • has a robust local economy built around equitable relationships;
  • nourishes and enriches our community and environment; and
  • has a culture of respect, generosity, and authenticity.

At our February Board meeting, we reviewed the Ends Report for FY17, prepared by General Manager Anya Firszt. There’s not enough room here to list all of the amazing things that the Co-op accomplished in service to these Ends, but to highlight just a few:

  • Your Co-op worked with other neighborhoods to help them revitalize local economies (eg. Northside Planning Council and Allied Drive).
  • Through Owners’ generosity, your Co-op gave $243,592 via Community CHIP to Community Shares of Wisconsin. These funds help over 60 local non-profits.
  • Your Co-op sponsored Literacy Network’s Literacy Kitchen and English For Health programs offering opportunities to talk about cultural cuisine and learn to navigate the food system when English is a second language.

None of these things would be possible without the contributions of Co-op Owners and staff. I am continually impressed with how hard the staff works every day to make the Co-op a great place to shop, and I am grateful for our Owners for stepping up and supporting the Co-op, as evidenced by our recent successful bond drive for the Willy West expansion. Thank you! I look forward to the many great things we’ll do together this year and beyond.

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