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Access Discount Program

Owners who have a financial need can apply for the Access Discount Program. With the Access Discount Program you can shop with a 10% discount to buy food and other products at the Co-op.

If you are not an Owner, sign up today! With the Access Discount, Owners:

  • Can pay the Ownership fee (Fair Share) over a longer period of time: $4 every year for an Individual, until you pay a total of $56 OR $7 every year for a Household (two adults living in the same house or apartment), until you pay a total of $91.
  • Shop at the Co-op with a 10% discount.
  • Receive one coupon for a free class every year at enrollment.

The Access Discount is connected to your Owner account. When you checkout, you will tell the cashier your Owner number and the cashier will confirm your name. Both primary and secondary Owners on a Household Ownership account can use the Access Discount.

To apply for the Access Discount program, you can talk with staff at the Customer Service Desk. You must show proof of income (annual income, before taxes, at or below 130% of the Federal Poverty Guideline) or registration in an assistance program (see the qualifiers below). Staff at the Customer Service Desk are happy to answer questions about the Access Discount Program. 

All Owners that participate in the Access Discount program must sign up every year, during the month of March. The Co-op will send a reminder letter to you in February, at the address listed on your account.