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Introducing Crystal Ball Farm milk!

Goodbye, Castle Rock milk! Hello, Crystal Ball Farm milk! crystalball

We are sorry to report that Castle Rock Organic Dairy Farm (Osseo, WI) is going out of business. All stores are done selling Castle Rock milk but we will be collecting and returning bottle deposits for the entire month of December.  

To fill the void of Castle Rock, we will be offering Crystal Ball Farm, from Osceola, WI. Crystal Ball Farm milk is non-homogenized, vat-pasteurized cream line and in a glass bottle, just like Castle Rock was. The differences between the two brands are that Crystal Ball is not certified organic, they breed for A2 protein and the retail price is $1 less.

Crystal Ball lost their organic certification when they relocated the herd off the farm after a barn fire destroyed the cattle barn and a number of animals. Currently, they plan to maintain their non-GMO status but do not have plans to get organic certification. As a farmstead operation, Crystal Ball produces dairy products exclusively from their herd of 160 cattle.  

Willy North and Willy East have already begun stocking Crystal Ball, and Willy West should have it in stock by the end of this week. Learn more about their farm on their Facebook page.