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You might notice that Product Listings and Bulk PLU Lookup are missing from the new website. We will have both these features on our e-commerce site when it launches in the spring. We had hoped to roll out the new website and the e-commerce site at the same time, or at least much closer together than it turned out, but the e-commerce launch has been moved back by the developer. We looked into a stopgap option to temporarily preserve our product listing onIine, but the price quote was far too high for an interface that should only be in use for a month or two (assuming there's not a further delay in the launch of the e-commerce site). We apologize for any inconvenience! In the meantime, feel free to call Customer Service or contact us online to ask about a product. 

Willy East: (608) 251-6776

Willy West: (608) 284-7800

Willy North: (608) 471-4422