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Julian Bakery Almond Paleo Bread
It seems like we’ve been waiting for a paleo bread since the dinosaurs went extinct. Well, it’s here, and loaded to the cosmos with nutrition. Each slice of this almond bread has 60 calories, 5 grams of fiber, 7 grams of protein, but only 1 gram of carbohydrates. Yes, that’s per slice. It’s also gluten-free and non-GMO. Check it out in our frozen section at West.

Just in time for the holidays comes a perfect way to cleanse yourself of all the treats you’ve been indulging in. There are several flavors to choose from, such as Beet with Apple and Lime or Pineapple with Orange and Ginger. And all the juices are made in small batches and are cold-pressed. Also, Juiced! is based in Milwaukee and utilizes local produce. They also use a process called High Pressure Pascalization to help juice stay fresh for upto 56 days in your fridge without the use of chemicals or heat. Available in our refrigerated section at West.

Georgio’s Hummus and Pita Bread
If you’re looking for the perfect marriage of pita bread and hummus, Georgio’s from Milton, Wisconsin, has that all figured out. Their over-sized pitas are ideal for falafel, wraps, or even as a base for pizza. Their hummus is ideal for, well, anything, unless you don’t like fresh ingredients. No trans fat. No hydrogenated oil. No artificial preservatives. There’s no better way to support our local economy and small business than giving Georgio’s a taste. Available in our refrigerated section at East and West.

Pact Socks Gift Boxes
Give the gift of socks! These three packs of organic cotton, fair trade socks will please anyone. Great designs and styles to choose from! Super stylish and comfortable. Available at East and West.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
Foamy fun, baby bubbly bath time! Gentle castile soap rated 0 for toxins on Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database. Yummy Vanilla & Sweet Orange scent. Get the 5.3 oz for over 300 pumps! Refill it with the 1 liter. Available at East and West.

Handmade Expressions Tea Towels
100% cotton towels that are both soft and absorbent. Fair Trade, sustainable and hand made—with pom poms! Available at East and West.

Eclectic Institute Cordyceps
Freeze dried, American-grown mushrooms, grown without toxins. Promotes energy, endurance, and vigor. Available at East and West.

Veriditas Botanicals Deodorant
Organic essential oil-based deodorant, that really sticks around and does the job. Conveniently pocket-sized! Available at East and West.

Good Clean Love Balance Moisturizing Personal Wash
A gentle cleanser formulated to mimic the body’s balanced pH levels for a healthy down there. 100% vegan. Available at East and West.

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