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A perfect, classic holiday snack many of us have never had. Delicious and sweet raw (and easy to shell), and divine roasted. Highly nutritious and versatile, chestnuts also make a great soup—just the beginning of the possibilities of this regionally native food.


Organic Bautista Dates 

We work directly with the Bautista family who farm these amazing dates in Southern California. These are the freshest, sweetest, softest, and most flavorful dates I have ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot of dates in my day! Date season runs from the late autumn through early winter, and these are in such demand that they always run out before the winter is done.



Unpopular opinion: I really don’t like fruit. I KNOW it’s absurd but it’s just not my jam. However, these are my favorite things ever. So for a few months out of the year I slam like three to five a day. They are so sweet, tangy, juicy, just all-around perfect. You can’t go wrong with them. 

Spicy Avocado Inari

This is my favorite offering from our sushi selection. Such a great flavor combo with a little tang from the rice wine vinegar and heat from spicy mayo that tops it. Plus the creamy avocado just puts it out of this world. It’s my payday splurge!


Willy Street Co-op Vegan Gluten-free Apple Pie

I ate about 6 last year and each one was better than the last. Great consistency and the topping is great. 10/10 would recommend.


Weleda Everon Lip Balm 

Feels great, works great, lasts forever!


Rishi Cinnamon Plum Tea

Holy cats, this tea is so delicious. It tastes like someone took autumn and squeezed it to death, producing this warming, heavenly liquid byproduct. Simply, autumn in a cup. Locally produced in Milwaukee by Rishi Tea—you know you can count on amazing quality and flavor. Goes excellently with cozy sweaters and fuzzy socks.


Epic Smoked Salmon Maple Bar

They changed the formula, and now it is so delicious. Great texture, fantastic flavor, and energizing! A great snack when you are wrangling toddlers and only have one hand to eat. 

Back to the Roots Garden-in-a-Can Organic Basil

Great project for kids in the fall/winter!! Give them a little plant to take care of, then rip it to pieces over spaghetti. 

Wildbrine Kimchi Sriracha

A delicious hot sauce that also provides probiotics? Sign me up. Drizzle this on everything!! North and West only. 

Siggi’s Triple Cream Lemon Yogurt 

Low sugar, but still sweet, ultra creamy, luscious, nummy num nums. 



Willy Street Coop Ginger Apricot Lamb Sausage

This is my all time favorite sausage!! It’s not overwhelmingly ginger-y or apricot-y so it pairs well with anything. I’ve served it plain on a pretzel bun, cut up over beans and rice, and added it to stew. Seriously 100% delicious.

Wishgarden Serious Relaxer

Especially come holiday season, I can find myself wound a little too tightly. When there’s no time for a yoga class or meditation retreat, Serious Relaxer is the best way for me to chill out and keep going.

Ancient Nutrition Turmeric Bone Broth Powder

You guys, this stuff is great! There’s no sugar, no chocolate or vanilla flavoring, just SO MUCH PROTEIN! Plus turmeric! I like to add a serving to the water before I cook my rice, the flavor is great and subtle and now my rice has protein, win win win.


Willy Street Co-op Hearth Oven Pizza

Our hearth oven pizza is very good. The crust is rich and our toppings are delicious. Willy East only.


Fresh-ground peanut butter

Best peanut butter on the planet, bar none. Plus, nothing at all is added, just freshly mashed up peanuts. When I first started buying it, I thought I’d need to mix in a bit of salt but for me it is perfectly delicious as is!

Willy Street Co-op Mexican Hot Chocolate (from Juice Bar)

Spicy, chocolate-y and fantastic! And adding a shot of espresso... top class.


Willow Creek Farms Braunschweiger

Braunschweiger is already a favorite of mine, but with this one having bacon in it as well, it’s gone up a notch for me! There are so many ways to enjoy, one of my preferred being on toast or crackers with mustard (if you’re feeling adventurous, add some jam in addition! It’s surprisingly good). It makes for a great add on to a snack platter. 


Mt. Sterling Co-op Creamery—Country Jack with Jalapeño Pepper

Oh my god! This cheese is so smooth, spicy and delicious. I usually slice it up and eat it with crackers. It’s such a fun little snack throughout the day. North and West only. 


Willy Street Co-op Hot Toddy Concentrate

Forget to plan ahead to bring a dish or drink to a holiday gathering? You’ll love the house-made Hot Toddy Concentrate from the Juice Bar. The Hot Toddy Concentrate comes with instructions on how to serve with hot or sparkling water and is a great mixer for adult beverages, too! It’s full of good healthy ingredients (ginger, honey, lemon) for cold season as well. This drink is a crowd pleaser for all types of diets.


Roelli Cheese Dunbarton Blue

This cheese is locally made (Shullsburg, Wisconsin) and everything I’m looking for in a blue cheese: strong but not overpowering, with the bite of a cheddar. It’s hard to pick just one cheese, but for me this is it. There’s a reason it won our first Cheese Challenge!


Clasen’s Pretzel Slider Buns

They taste fresh for days, and they taste great.


Roasted Salted Bulk Almonds

These nuts are a delicious, semi-healthy snack, especially paired with dried cranberries and sharp white cheddar cheese. I take them to munch on at school, and they taste better than any junk food. Well worth the steep price—and you can get any amount you want!


Kite Hill Mushroom and Ricotta Ravioli

Kite Hill is really making a name for itself in the alternative cheese world. I love these raviolis. Great mushroom flavor, combined with Kite Hill goodness. Wrapped up in a little al dente pillow.


Daiya Pumpkin Spice Cheezecake

This holiday flavor is perfect to indulge on your own or share with friends! Layer it with nuts, chocolate and coco-whip and treat yo-self!


Califia Farms Cocoa Noir Cold Brew Coffee

A magical and delicious combination of coffee, chocolate and almond milk. North and West only. 

Wisconsin Candle Company Candles

Local soy candles that look pretty and smell great! I love when we get new scents in and have to try them all. Currently my fave is the Brandy Old Fashioned!


RXBAR Maple Sea Salt 

I’m so glad a co-worker told me to try the RXBar Maple Sea Salt bars! Now they are my go-to staple for a quick breakfast on the way to work. The maple flavor is not overwhelming and is complimented nicely by a pinch of salt. Added bonus: you know EXACTLY what the bars are made of.


Willy Street Co-op-Branded Mason Jars

These are perfect for the gift giving! Fill them with local treats for your loved ones and you have the perfect holiday gift from Madison.


Orchard Street Apparel Sweatshirts

Not only do these sweaters and shirts have really well done designs and are incredibly well made, they are basically like wearing a warm, fuzzy cloud around for the day and it is AMAZING. I cannot recommend these sweaters enough for when you want to look cute, but also want to feel like you’re wearing pajamas. Thesesweaters/shirts would also make great presents... (If anyone wants to buy me a few more, I’m ready.)

House-Made Hazelnut Syrup

I don’t mean to brag, but the hazelnut syrup made in house at the Juice Bar is basically the greatest syrup ever. I typically don’t like sweet beverages, but this changed the game. It is such a wonderfully complex syrup that we really do take pride in making from scratch. There is nothing better than drinking an almond milk mocha with hazelnut syrup. Trust me. 




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