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Nifty Gifties

Matr Boomie Bells and Chimes

Fair Trade, handmade bells and chimes—these make beautiful decorations for your home year-round. The bells are made of recycled metal and come in a variety of sizes and tones.


Silk Road Bazaar Ornaments

Support artists in Central Asia who are carrying on traditional craft culture. It’s easy to do with these adorable ornaments. They make a lovely gift, or start a new ornament-giving tradition. Fair Trade.


Mulxiply Hand-Felted Woolies

Hand-felted wool animals so cute you’ll want to collect them all! Also, when you buy products made by Mulxiply, you are supporting a woman in the developing world. Fair Trade.


Shupaca Scarves, hats, gloves

Shupaca works with South American artistans to bring traditionally made products that are fashionable and beautiful. Made with alpaca wool, their winter gear is soft and warm.


Small Changes Gifts Puzzles & Calendars

We have a large variety of calendars—something for everyone! This company also makes gorgeous puzzles for all ages, from glow-in-the-dark for kids to 1,000-piece Charlie Harper ones for your advanced puzzler.


Terra Naturals Scarves, hats, gloves

Sustainable and Fair Trade winter gear and gifts. Gorgeous pieces that create opportunities for indigenous cultures in South America to preserve and practice their traditional crafts.


Begin again Kids’ Toys

Using sustainably harvested wood and rubber, Begin Again make toys that are designed for well-balanced play. Bright, colorful, inviting, and, most of all, fun! Kids’ stuff! Plant-based.


Bears for Humanity Stuffed bears

100% organic, Fair Trade and hand-sown in the USA—how many kids’ products can say that? Get the kid in your life a stuffed animal you can feel good about.



Give the gift of a luxurious, frothy bath with these holiday-scented Froth Bombs made with only premium, ethically sourced ingredients. Each purchase gives soap to communities in need.





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