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Click "Career Opportunities" above to see a list of current openings at Willy Street Co-op. Please click on an opening in the list to view details and apply. Please note that we do not typically post entry level openings (ex. cashier, produce/grocery/health and wellness stocker, deli clerk or custodian). This means if you are interested in being considered for an entry level job, you should fill out a general application.

Note: All new hires are required to attend a two day long training and orientation workshop. This is taught the 3rd Thursday and Friday of each month at our central office.

All applicants with a current application in the system will be considered for a preliminary interview if their experience, job history, skills and availability seem like a good fit for any one of our entry level jobs. Preliminary interviews are conducted twice a week, regardless of whether there are current job openings or not.

Qualified candidates are emailed for a 15 minute preliminary "speed" interview. At this interview notes are taken and following the interview the notes and the application are sent to the manager of the department that has a current opening where the experience and skills and availability of the candidate seem to match up. The manager then decides whether or not to contact the candidate for a second interview. If a candidate is not going to be granted a second interview they will not be notified of this.

If you experience any difficulties while attempting to complete your application online, please email our Personnel Coordinator at o.vallier@willystreet.coop with a detailed explanation of the problem.

Due to the large number of applications received, please do not call to check on the status of your application.

Attention Current Staff: You are not able to apply for internal postings from this public site.


Our pay ranges start at $11.50 an hour, 20% store discount, health and dental insurance after 90 days, vacation and sick time after 90 days.

Each position has a commensurate pay range. All positions meet or exceed the Cooperative Grocer Network (CGN) Living Wage after three months of satisfactory employment. Upon successful completion of the training period a raise may be given. The General Manager sets a percentage cap on annual raises each year. Raises are based upon positive performance and a minimum number of hours worked and are not mandatory based on longevity. In addition, cost of living increases are granted to all staff no less than once every two years. Note: No employee can exceed the pay range based on longevity.