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Staff Picks


Willow Creek Pasture Raised Ham

This is the best ham on earth, or at least in Wisconsin. Very flavorful and from pasture-raised heritage hogs.



Willow Creek Bone-In Pork Chop

The flavor of a thick bone-in chop is far superior to that of its boneless counterpart, and the leftover bone can be used to flavor soups and stocks or provide a treat for any four-legged friends. Available at West and East.



Beauty Heart Radishes

Have you SEEN them?! They are beautiful! Commonly known as Watermelon Radishes, they are a gorgeous addition to your salads, roast vegetables or do what I just did—ferment them! 

Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses CC Cream

This color correct cream is my favorite makeup product. It has SPF 30, smells like roses, and keeps my sensitive skin happy while correcting any discoloration I might have going on. It doesn’t take a lot, meaning one tube lasts me quite a while. This product is cruelty free, non-GMO, and is 97% nature-derived. That means I feel good about putting it on my skin. 

Epic Chicken Sriracha Bar

You need a protein pick-me-up? Grab this spicy little meat bar! SO GOOD. 



Hot Toddy Concentrate and Drink

Hot toddies cure what ails ya. They make me feel good when I’m feeling under the weather. East and West only. 

Willy Street Co-op Bone Broth

Made with local beef bones; no added salt. A great base for soups and stews.



Willy Street Co-op Maple Latte

There is something about the earthy sweetness of maple syrup combined with the bitter, heady rush of espresso. So delicious and satisfying!



Eclectic Earth Earrings 

This company not only reuses and recycles products, but each earring is made by hand. It makes me feel good to support small companies like this. 

Willy Street Co-op Vegan Peanut Butter Blondie 

These are beyond good! I love to enjoy one of these after I have accomplished a task. There are so many good treats to pick from but I am stuck on these. When I eat something this tasty it makes me feel my best! Treat yourself!!! 



Sartori Montamore Cheese

Tried this as a sample one day and it was all over. This cheese has such an amazing flavor and it’s a versatile addition to any meal. Grate it on top of your pasta, slice it for a sandwich or use it for a cheese platter, you really cannot go wrong with this one!



Andes Mittens

I bought a pair of these last winter, and they are so warm and soft and perfect!

FEED Kitchen Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are amazing! I love soft, chewy cookies. They come in packs of 10 if you feel like sharing and packs of 3 if you don’t ;) North only. 

Veriditas Just Plain Relief!

This is a roll-on mix of essential oils that helps with muscle pain. It’s great for quick relief—I use it for occasional lower back pain—and it smells good. 

Taylor Farms Herb Salad

A tasty organic salad that makes a quick and easy meal. You can dress it up with your favorite salad fixings or eat as is. The cilantro and other herbs make this salad pretty great on its own.



Cara Cara Oranges

While I love a regular Navel the Cara Cara brings a richness and complexity of flavor that’s hard to beat. They’re like a really amazing and rich grapefruit without the bitterness. 


There is something immensely satisfying about tearing into a Pomelo. Incredibly aromatic even when compared to other citrus, I like to make an event of eating this large fruit. I will sit down and work the fruit with my hands until I get past the bitter pith and membrane to the sweet, floral, and complex flesh. It’s a very rewarding experience that simultaneously has a meditative and primal quality to it. 



Stirring’s Bloody Mary Mix

Best Bloody Mary mix EVER! It doesn’t need a thing added—except perhaps some garnish (my favorites being Organic Prairie Landjaeger & fresh cheese curds). East and North only. 



Juice Bar Earl Grey Latte

So very pleasant. Earl Grey + foamy milk=self-care! Here’s to YOU! Available at East and West.

Just Coffee Co-op Winter Seasonal: Cabin Fever

I sought out this Seasonal Blend this year by directly interrogating the Just Coffee stockers (sorry!). I do not like much acidity in my coffee, and this one impressed immensely last year. It’s the one with the SNOWY OWL on it, which, I’m just sayin’, might have also played a part in my fandom. Look for my t-shirts soon!



Bee Free Honee

After 20 years without a good vegan honey, it is everything I could want and more. Great taste with a nice consistency. 10/10 would vegan honey again.

Diaya Vegan Cheese Cake

The plain is super good and so is the seasonal pumpkin spice flavor! Your vegan nephew/grandson will be super stoked.



BUBBL’R by Klarbrunn

A nice little kick of energy and great flavors! North only. 



Bunky’s Baba Ghanouj

Tart and delicious. Lately, I’ve been buying some of this on every shopping trip. It’s great with vegetables, pita chips or Blue Diamond Nut Thins. A perfect healthy snack. East and West only.



New Glarus Brewing Serendipity Fruit Ale

We usually spend the holidays out of state, so we’re “required” to bring a bottle or two of this by our family and friends. It’s always a huge hit! It reminds me of a sweet/fruity wine that’s also carbonated. It’s a perfect sipping drink after dinner or dessert. This has gone over very well as a holiday gift, also. Highly recommended! North and West only. 



Nada Moo Birthday Cake Cookie Dough Ice Cream

This is the perfect treat for when you’re in the mood for something delicious and maybe even a little over-the-top. It tastes like you’re eating birthday cake, but it’s ice cream. Also there’s chunks of cookie dough and chocolate chips in it. Plus, it’s vegan! What’s not to love? East and North only. 



Siggi’s Coconut Yogurt

I consider coconut to be one of the Five Favorite Flavors and this stuff is so good you’ll wonder why the cup is so small.

Bunky’s Lentil Soup

It’s so surprisingly rich and hearty and if you slather it over vegan mashed potatoes you’ve got yourself a feast in a bowl



Maggie’s Organic Wool Socks

My feet are always cold in the winter until I put on a pair of these. The natural fiber breathes and cushions your tootsies. Machine wash in cold and line dry and a pair will last and last. You deserve these socks.



Fentimans Rose Lemonade

A delicate and lovely sip conveying visions of English gardens, wide lawns and croquet games played by Victorians in white linen finery. East and North only. 



Host Defense MyCommunity

This stuff is magic. Anytime my throat is scratchy and there’s a cold going around, I take MyCommunity and I don’t get sick. I like the capusles and the extract equally. 



Rishi Coconut Oolong Tea

This tea smells and tastes like a tropical heaven. It helps me to get through the long dark winter! Brew a pot to share with company or give it as a gift!



Primal Pit Paste, Jasmine 

A natural deodorant that actually works?! Hard to believe, but true. I love this product because of it’s clean ingredients. No harsh chemicals, no aluminum, and cruelty-free. If you slather it on right after you clean yourself, you remain fresh throughout the day... often two days. 



Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum Jelly

If you’re a distance runner or biker, you need a product that is going to prevent chafing. Well, look no further! I’ve used this on multiple runs in various weather conditions, and it’s worked great. It’s easy to apply, made without parabens, and leaves you chafe-free.



Wishgarden Liquid Bliss

Not everybody is happy during the winter. Liquid Bliss is here for you. Enjoy your family, make snow angels and let everything else go for awhile. Trust me, you want the big bottle.

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