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New Products

Forager Cashewgurt

A new addition to the vegan yogurt alternatives! Creamy and delicious. Plain and fruit varieties. Use the plain variety in recipes or eat on its own! Certified organic, gluten-free and soy-free. Available at West and North. 


You guessed it—macadamia nut milk! Macadamia nuts grown in Australia blended with pea protein for an extra boost of nutrition, sweetened with cane sugar, with added vitamins. Great for drinking by the glass or using in recipes. Look for it in the center aisles with the other shelf-stable plant milks. Available at East and North.

Chapul Bars 

This new energy bar is not like the others. These are made from cricket flour. Yes, as in the insect. Why crickets? They are a very sustainable protein. Raising crickets for food uses far less water than any other livestock or plant-protein source. They are ground into a fine flour and taste mildly earthy like roasted sunflower seeds or hemp. Cricket flour contains twice the protein of beef and 15 percent more iron than spinach. There are a couple of flavor profiles to try—the Aztec bar is dark chocolate, coffee, and cayenne; the Chaco bar is peanut butter and chocolate. Gluten-free and non-GMO. Available at East, West and North.

Potter’s Oyster Crackers 

New from our local cracker makers: oyster crackers from Potter’s Crackers! Top your soup with them or eat ’em by the handful! Certified organic- and as always, Potter’s works with as many local ingredients and producers as possible. Available at East, West and North. Flavors vary.

Ultima Replenisher 

A delicious way to get your electrolytes! Using real fruit flavors, plant-based colors, and sweetened with stevia. Zero sugar, zero calories, vegan, and gluten-free. Grab a convenient stick and try either Lemonade or Cherry Pomegranate. Available at East, West and North.


Addicted to bubbly water? Yeah. Save money and reuse with a SodaStream! Add carbonation to water in seconds. You control how your water gets flavored: add citrus, fruit, herbs, and your sweetener to taste. Or, just use one of their flavor enhancers and make your own soda at home! Available at North. 

Seventh Generation MENSTRUAL PADS

Menstrual Pads with zero fragrances and no chlorine processing. Available at East, West and North.

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