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Setting the bar for fresh, organic, local, and fairly trade fruits and vegetables.


We receive produce deliveries seven days per week and work diligently with our distributors and local farmers to ensure that you'll find only the freshest, highest quality (and tastiest!) produce on our shelves. If you want to make sure what you're buying suits your tastes, feel free to ask a staff member for a free sample. If you're not 100% happy with a purchase, you can bring it back for a full refund.



Webelieve that organic agriculture is the best solution for ourselves, our families, our environment, and the hard working people who grow and harvest our food. For this reason, on average, about 97% of the fresh produce we carry in our produce departments is USDA certified organic.


For us, local is not just a marketing scheme, it’s a way of life. Our produce buyers work with over 30 local farmers to bring the best selection of local produce you’ll find anywhere. We’ve been sourcing local produce for over 40 years and we continue to develop relationships with new farmers as well as maintain and sustain our relationships with more established growers.

To identify local produce items, look for the purple signs. For information about when produce items are likely to be locally sourced, check out our local produce availability table.

Fairly Traded

In an increasingly globalized food system, we believe it's important to think beyond organic and local as we help build a truly sustainable food system. By purchasing certified fair trade products, you are ensuring that the farmers, farm workers, and laborers who grow our food get justly compensated for their work. At Willy Street Co-op, we're proud to offer organic fair trade bananas on a daily basis. We also give buying preference to other fairly traded fruits and vegetables as they are available. In season, you'll find many crops on our shelves with fair trade designation: bell peppers, mangos, tomatoes, strawberries, and more!