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What Can the Customer Service Desk Do For You?

What can the Customer Service desk do for you?

It’s one of the first things you see when you walk into the store: a friendly Co-op staff member sitting at a computer behind a blue horseshoe desk. Tamara, Lisa, Julie, Liam, Melissa, Jesse, Katie, Kerrie, Aaron…you may not know it, but these people have powerful resources to enhance your Co-op shopping experience. Here are some ways we can help you.

How do I become a member?

The Customer Service staff can explain the different types of membership options, including cost, benefits and even help you fill out the form. Memberships can be purchased at the desk, or customers can take the forms to the registers with their other groceries. If you would like a card with your member number, Customer Service can print one out for you.

How do I update the address on my membership?

If you ever have changes in your address, phone number or type of membership, such as going from an individual to a household membership, please stop in at the Customer Service desk. Some changes can be made at the registers, but when in doubt, ask at the desk.

Does the Co-op carry a product I’m looking for?

We can look up items in our inventory on the computer. Does the Co-op carry a raisin bran cereal? We can look it up by product name. If you would like to know if we have a certain brand of waffles at the Co-op, we can look up brand names as well. Depending on the product in question, we may transfer you to one of our other departments to better respond to your inquiry.

What if we don’t carry the product you are looking for?

The Customer Service desk can help you determine whether a product can be special ordered. Sometimes we are unable to get a product because of distribution issues. If this is the case, we are also happy to offer alternatives or even contact other stores to help you track down what you’re looking for. If you have a suggestion for a product we should carry,fill out a Customer Comment card. Many products we carry at the Co-op are a result of customer suggestions.

I bought something in bulk, but I can’t remember what it is. Can you help me?
It happens more often than you think. Customers buy in bulk and after time can’t remember what they bought. If you have the 4-digit PLU number that is on the bag/container, the Customer Service staff can look up the PLU in our inventory system and let you know what your mystery items is.

How do I read my receipt?

This is a common question, and Customer Service or cashiers are always happy to help you. With the help of the accompanying graphic we’ll give a more in depth answer here. At the top of your receipt is your member number and name. Below that, your purchases are itemized alphabetically by department or category. The “CHIP Items” listing refers to the optional one percent donation your cashier asks if you would like to make. The other is your “Bag Credit”—a 5-cent credit for each paper bag you bring in to reuse and 10-cent for each cloth bag. Under each department heading such as “Packaged Food Items” or “Deli Items,” each product has an abbreviated name that contains the brand, item and any other descriptor followed by the original price. (Sale prices are deducted toward the bottom of your receipt.) Produce and bulk items that are weighed at the register will show the weight and the original price per pound. After all of the items are listed, there is a subtotal followed by a section called “Order Promotions.” This lists all the discounts for sales items. (ESP stands for our Everyday Sale Price promotional program; MEMO stands for Member Only refering to our Owner Rewards sale program.) Following that is the total cost of your order. Further down, you can see a total of the money you saved on sales and promotions under the heading “Your Savings Today!”

What is going on in the Community Room?

If you are interested in more information or to sign up for classes held in the Community Room, this is handled at Customer Service as well. We can also give you information about special events or renting the room.

What other store resources are there?

Customer Service can direct you to resources throughout the store. There are brochures in the Bulk aisle withinformation about food allergies, soy products and grains. There is a handout on gluten-free diets. Do you have a concern, question or product request? Ask about our Customer Comment box, located near the Community Room. We love to get your feedback—positive, negative and constructive.

Services you may not know about...

At Customer Service you can buy gift cards for the Co-op. We also keep any lost and found behind the desk. Looking for saffron? We keep that at the Customer Service desk too!

We welcome your questions and comments. What is kombu used for? Which type of apple is crisp and sweet? Feel free to ask at Customer Service. We are happy to help you and, if we don’t know, we’ll do our best to find out for you!