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New Products for October 2018

Bubbie’s Homemade Ice Cream Mochi

A unique (first of its kind at the co-op) frozen sweet treat to hit the freezer section! Introducing mochi: ice cream tucked inside a chewy rice-based pocket. The box says it contains six servings, but for me it was more like two. Choose from Vanilla, Strawberry, Mango, and Green Tea. Available at Willy East and North.


Virgil’s Zero Sugar Sodas

Sugar-free, high fructose corn syrup-free, caffeine-free, preservative-free, but full of taste! Zero calories. Sweetened by a blend of erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit. Choose from Root Beer, Orange, Lemon Lime, Creme and Cola. Available at Willy East, North and West.


Klarbrunn Bucky's Cherry Berry Sparkling Water

There's a new Klarbrunn flavor! Did you try it yet? Available at Willy East, North and West.


Tadah Falafel Poppers

Falafel fans, try these hummus-stuffed pop-able falafel bites! In the freezer section, these are ready in less than 15 minutes for a perfect snack or dinner component, served with tabouli, fresh veggies, and all the works. Filled with either Lemon Garlic hummus or Harissa hummus. Available at Willy North.


Gaia Adrenal Health Daily Support

An herbal formula that supports the nourishment of the adrenals and our body's stress response. Available at Willy East, North and West.


Vital Leaf CBD Chocolate Bars

Finally, CBD in a delicious, organic, Fair Trade chocolate bar. Dairy-free, sweetened with coconut sugar! Try Classic Dark, Hazelnut, or Quinoa. Find them in the Wellness department! Available at Willy East, North, and West.


Hurraw! Premium Vegan Lip Balms

Organic, raw, vegan, and lip-smacking good! Collect them all! Available at Willy East, North and West.


RSVP silicone straws

These colorful reusable straws are made of strong yet flexible silicone. They’re great for kids or anyone who likes to bite down on your straws. Three sizes: short, regular, and smoothie. Available at Willy East, North and West.

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